15 May 2020

Ten UK Medical Influencers You Need to Follow

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite medical influencers into a Top 10 list for you to check out.

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7 May 2020

Recovering From the Demands of COVID-19

No matter what you’re feeling, help is available to you from a variety of sources.

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6 May 2020

King’s Fund Resources Available to Support You

Just as you have supported Covid-19 patients, there are resources there to help you, too.

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24 Apr 2020

Supply of PPE to NHS England during the COVID-19 pandemic

Read the results of our survey on PPE supply across the NHS.

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20 Mar 2020

Guidance for COVID-19

Read ProMedical's guidance with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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20 Mar 2020

BBC's NHS Tracker Project

BBC has launched its NHS Tracker project, allowing users to look up their local services and compare performance.

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20 Jan 2020

NHS and Social Care Funding – How is the money distributed?

Let’s look at where the money comes from and where it goes within the NHS.

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22 Dec 2017

Thank U NHS

Here’s a Christmas story to warm your heart this winter. Ever felt like you wanted to say a big “thank you” to the NHS and all that work for it?

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2 Nov 2017

NHS Under Attack: 2 New IR35 Legal Cases

Not one but two separate legal cases have been launched against the NHS regarding IR35 issues.

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9 Sep 2017

NHS Rates of Pay Published

Statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre give us an insight into the pay conditions for NHS staff.

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27 Aug 2017

Top 10 NHS Doctors Nationalities Across the UK

NHS Digital report has revealed a number of interesting facts about doctors working for the NHS.

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