4 Aug 2020

Don’t allow COVID-19 to take the ‘personal touch’ out of care

When ‘in-person’ conversations are not an option, how can you still interact in an effective and caring way with your patients? Read on for more information.

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29 Jul 2020

Theatre Tunes – Music in surgery can have many benefits!

Do you sing while you stitch? Is music a melody in your theatre or do you advocate a silent atmosphere instead? Whatever your preference, music has been interlinked with healing for centuries. Read on to find out more.

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26 Jul 2020

Tips and Advice: The Locum Life

What do you need to know, how can you be prepared, and what advice will help you as a new locum in the UK? Read on here.

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23 Jul 2020

Things I wish I knew then

If you are an experienced Consultant, there are probably many things you wish you knew starting out, right? Read on to discover what tips some of our well -seasoned surgeons have to share.

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17 Jul 2020

BBQ Season with a Difference

A guide on how to socialise now. We have all got to get used to a new normal, as we attempt to exit lockdown and socialise again. But how will things look in our 'new normal'? Read on to discover more.

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15 Jul 2020

Samaritans – Talk to Us

Every July, the Samaritans hold events throughout the UK, promoting awareness about their services. Read on here.

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