Men’s Health Week

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As we wind down this week, we also celebrate men’s health (from 15th-20th June). This year’s theme will be ‘Take Action on Covid-19’.

Not only will the week focus on what men can do to halt any more damage from Covid-19, but also discover what they can do about the underlying conditions that make them more vulnerable to Covid-19.

The simple first step will be to consult with your GP if you do have any underlying illnesses. Also, ensure its safe for you to get fit now. If all is ok, let’s get you going to a healthier and fitter you. Below we took the hassle out of researching the latest and best health and fitness blogs out there for you. Let’s take a look.

Top-Five Men’s Health Blogs in the UK

1. The Lean Machines – John Chapman and Leon Bustin are you tubers who are also personal trainers, nutritionists, and fitness experts. Their blog talks about men’s health and fitness issues and teaches you how to eat and train healthily.

2. Father Fitness – Created by Father Paul Stainthorpe, after his first child was born, this blog is a healthy alternative to the many imitation fitness blogs out there. It is real, authentic, and helpful to many males looking for tips and advice on losing weight, getting fit and family topics too!

3. The Body Coach – Joe Wicks’ blog, takes healthy eating up a level with his cookbooks and healthy recipes. An Essex local, he writes for all sexes, and his blog provides a platform to achieve fitness and healthy eating for all.

4. The Everyday Man – A blog with a touch of class. This site offers more than fitness tips; it looks at fashion, music, and art too.

5. Sean V Fitness– fitness for men doesn’t have to be all about weights, running marathons or swimming the channel, have you ever thought about the benefits of  Yoga and Pilates? This blog is fantastic, it will demonstrate the power of Yoga and has so much useful content on the website. Check it out at


So, there you have it, just in time for Father’s Day- why not pick one or research your own fitness blog. Put that Fit Bit you got last Father’s Day to good use and let’s get fit; let’s get healthy.

There has probably never been a better time to start online training with Gyms closed due to Covid restrictions. Give yourself the best chance in life and get fit, stay healthy.

Let’s all take action on Covid!

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