Considering Locum Work in 2021?

20 Dec 2020 Anne Marie Fogarty

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Find your work-life balance with Locum Work.

As we head towards the end of 2020, we look back at a year that tested the most robust healthcare organisations out there, a year like no other, perhaps a year that forced us all to reflect on our lives in-depth, and so with that in mind, we ask, have you ever considered locum work? Do you want more time with family, more time to do the things you love, and a better balance in 2021? If so, have you explored the possibility of locum working?

Locum Life

Locums live in an ever-changing working world. They bring their collective experience and skills to any department they choose to work in. Many having years of experience clinically, locums are an excellent weapon in this COVID-19 pandemic. As we face a year of hope, a year when we can use vaccinations to control the pandemic, we asked what locum work is and what it has to offer our healthcare professionals.

Trained in many environments!

  • Locums work in many facets, so when the pandemic came, they were ready, equipped and experienced to shoot into action and help.
  • Wherever needed, locums are well used to diversity, stepping into new regions and hospitals, and working with new people. So, if they are needed in London, they pack for London, needed in Manchester, they pack for Manchester. Moving is no big deal to them.
  • Locums bring a wealth of experience, and different doctors and nurses will have learnt so many different skills in various hospitals.
  • Locums are familiar with fast-paced changes and so are ideally placed to cope with pandemics like this one. Almost beacons of confidence experienced at being landed into new surroundings and experts at simply ‘getting on with the job’.  It’s at times like these that clinicians like locums and agency staff come to the forefront of the battle.
  • A new hospital, unfamiliar equipment, new disease, strange faces, different policies to adhere to, and ever-changing advice- that’s all part of the regular lives as locums.

No one can deny the sheer determination and hard work our healthcare workers demonstrated this year. So as a people-first organisation, we provide the best possible staffing process for them. We safeguard the integrity of quality in recruitment. As a framework-approved organisation, we proudly offer multiple roles that engage, challenge, and advance the career pathway of our healthcare professionals. We understand our candidates because we share a genuine passion for quality patient care. Best practice is achieved when standards are met, procedures followed, and policy upheld-but that sprinkle of necessity always has to be passion! Passion for providing excellence in patient care which is underpinned by people-‘people first’. Having embedded this model of care into our support structures, we want the very best for our talent and so want to highlight just how lucrative locum work is, but also how good it is for your mental health and wellbeing.

What are the key benefits of locum working on your mental health?

  • Less time spent in the office means more time out having fun!
  • More quality time with family can only be a good thing.
  • Healthcare professionals, like everyone, don’t have everlasting concentration and so, isn’t it better have seen 20 patients with a fresh mind and give quality assessment and care, rather than rush through 50 patients tired, hungry, and wondering when you will get home? Quality over quantity is always a winner. As a locum, you decide when you work and how long for.
  • More time to practice yoga, mindfulness, go to the gym or read a book in peace. To practice coping tools and mind your mental health.
  • More opportunities to travel, don’t they say,’ a change is as good as a rest.’ Travelling to new places can be adventurous and relieves boredom which is good for general mental health. With locum working, you’ll get paid to travel to new places as part of moving around with the job-if you choose to move.
  • As a locum, you will meet lots of new people, form friendships, develop a network of people that will have shared experience and interest, learn from others.
  • Locum pay is at a competitive rate and can address financial worries that impact your mental health. Having a good income can relieve the unwanted stress and strain of monetary problems.


If you think you would like to put your skill set to work, join your brave comrades and call us today where our agents will talk you through everything. This is what we do best, solving staffing solutions at scale and at pace throughout the UK, and supporting our NHS.

If 2020 thought us anything, it thought us how precious life is, how important family and friends are and how vital our happiness and mental health is. Find your happy place as we end a challenging year but look positively forward to a brighter 2021!

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