About us

We care, consider, and collaborate to deliver a quality-driven service to meet your needs. It's what gives us the edge in healthcare recruitment.

1 Year


In 2007, Founder and CEO Altin Biba created ProMedical, a unique 'people first' healthcare recruitment agency.

5 Years


By 2012, the leadership team at ProMedical had raised the standard of recruitment agencies by placing the right people in the right places.

10 Years


The leadership team's vision was fully realised. Each employee at ProMedical is united in their enthusiastic, bespoke approach towards healthcare recruitment.

The Future


We'll continue our proven people first approach, streamlining services for you, and taking ProMedical into the next decade of success.

Our Values

We are committed to recruiting individuals under an umbrella of trust, support and shared values.

We don't just talk about how invested we are in our 'work-family', we genuinely care about people, and we prove this with our work culture.

Every staff member's work anniversary, birthday, and even their pet is recognised here at ProMedical. After all, people are the backbone of our business.



We live by our 'people-first focus. We are true to who we are. Understanding and empathising with the needs of our people has enabled us to know yours. 



We are a forward-thinking company determined to keep evolving and growing.



We are proud and passionate about the positive impact we're bringing to the broader healthcare community.



In a world where everything is filtered, why not choose a genuine agency and choose ProMedical.


Transform your career today and find the perfect job for tomorrow.

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We deliver excellence in recruiting the best for your business.

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Our Team

At ProMedical, we know teamwork underpins our success. Everyone matters to us: our staff, clients and candidates are all valued collaborators coming together with a shared vision. Within our team, you'll feel valued, respected, and listened to. Our team are the integral core of the company - without them, we wouldn't exist.

We understand it takes diverse skill sets, mixed personalities, and a variety of capabilities to produce our great team at ProMedical.


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Join ProMedical today. Benefits include a fun working environment, perks along the way and a team you'll feel part of.

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What is new?



ProMedical has partnered with the Essex charity SNAP - Special Needs And Parents. Read more about our fundraising efforts here.