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Our Philosophy

We believe in putting people first, and we pride ourselves on making a genuine difference. How do we do that? Simple: we know that placing the right candidate with the right client can save lives.

At ProMedical, we are both innovative and authentic. We are a quality-driven recruitment agency with people at its core. Knowing what works in the healthcare industry has enabled us to match thousands of candidates to positions over the years. Our results speak for themselves.

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    What’s New?

    SAFER - The Research Project that Looks at the Risk of Covid-19 in Hospital Healthcare Workers

    5 Aug 2020

    Healthcare workers are at risk of both contracting and transmission of COVID-19 according to a new study carried out in London. Read on for more.

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    Don’t allow COVID-19 to take the ‘personal touch’ out of care

    4 Aug 2020

    When ‘in-person’ conversations are not an option, how can you still interact in an effective and caring way with your patients? Read on for more information.

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    Theatre Tunes – Music in surgery can have many benefits!

    29 Jul 2020

    Do you sing while you stitch? Is music a melody in your theatre or do you advocate a silent atmosphere instead? Whatever your preference, music has been interlinked with healing for centuries. Read on to find out more.

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