15 Unfamiliar Nursing Roles

28 Sep 2020 Anne Marie Fogarty

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We are all very aware of the hospital nurse in his/her white uniform administering injections. However, nursing is a complex and diverse entity with many less well-known pathways and roles. We have many exciting and varied nursing opportunities, visit our careers page to explore them.

Adult, children’s, mental health, learning disability and public health/district are familiar nursing types to us all. The less well-known career trajectories are listed below.

For more information on nursing careers in the UK visit the NHS here.

What are the different, less well-known types of nursing?

Clinical Nurse Specialist

An expert nurse in a particular area, for example, oncology, breast care or respiratory. Any specialty where the nurse has received specialist training and education. You’ll provide information, support, and education for patients in your area of expertise as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Research nurse

Research nurses are involved in clinical trials, providing information and support to the patients involved. This is an exciting career. You will be engaged in researching data from previous trials, supporting patients and families with the study, and helping to make a real difference to millions through the development of vaccines and treatment medicines for various diseases.

Advanced nurse practitioner

Theses are very experienced nurses with additional responsibilities clinically. They receive extra training and can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications as appropriate to their specialty. If you are interested in a role as an advanced nurse practitioner, there are many courses available to get you there.

Critical care outreach nurse

These nurses support the transition of patients from the Critical Care Unit to a less intensive, traditional ward-based care. This role will require good communication skills. You will support ward nurses and doctors in caring for acutely ill patients at ward level.

Nurse Consultants

These nurses are similar in some ways to a clinical nurse specialist but are at a higher level. You would be responsible for clinical education and training of staff in your department, and many also have active research and publication activities.

Lecturers and Tutors

These nurses work in universities, both teaching and research. Usually, lecturers in nursing are qualified to a minimum of master’s degree, and some are also qualified to PhD level. Some more senior lecturers also attain the title of Professor.

Hospice nurse

Hospice nurses care for terminally ill patients at the end of life either in a hospice or sometimes at home in the patient’s home via community care.

Holistic nurse

An unusual type of nurse, the holistic nurse cares for the patient using a biomedical, alternative, and complementary theories all combined to care for the whole person.

Flight nurse

If you like flying and caring, this one is a real winner. You’ll be working as a nurse supporting patient s who are being flown from one hospital to another. Caring for the patient during transit.

Forensic nurse

A worthy position where you will care for people who have fallen victim of abuse, assault, or violent attacks. This role requires an empathic tone, an open mind and excellent counselling skills.

Health Policy nurse

This nursing discipline sees you working in researching, creating, and enforcing health policy. Many hospitals and services are underpinned by good sound policymaking, and so this is a responsible role that will develop policies based on current guidance and legislation.

Informatics nurse

If you are tech-savvy or amazed by the latest devices, this type of nursing is for you. The Informatics nurse is involved in the development of communication technologies using medical data to improve patient care.

Telephone Triage Nurse

This nurse works in a call centre setting and receives calls from the public about various medical emergencies and illnesses. You will triage the urgency of the call and advice on the appropriate consultation/treatment if any needed.

Nurse advocate

You will liaise between doctor and patient, helping the patient and often being their voice. Nurse advocates will work in the best interest of the patient and speak on their behalf if the patient cannot.

Prison Nurse

These nurses work in prisons. Just as any other setting, general nursing care will be delivered to prisoners; however, a heightened level of security will be a component of this setting.

Whatever path you decide to take, it’s important to be aware of the choices out there. Nursing is a rewarding and multifacet career with many career directions available.

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