GMC simplifies access to CCT

16 Aug 2020

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The new guidelines essentially allow doctors who complete the CESR-CP to now instead, receive a CCT. 

What are the CCT and CESR-CP certificates, and what do they mean?

CESR-CP (certificate of eligibility for specialist registration combined programme) is a training pathway for doctors who started their training overseas but finished it in the UK.

CCT is for doctors who have completed all their training in the UK. Now, the equal value will be placed on both pathways as from May 18, 2020.

These certificates provide for doctors in the UK to access specialist or GP registers. Doctors feel that professionally the same weight is not given to the CERS-CP as the CCT- that is, there is better professionally recognition placed on the CCT certificate. The decision by the GMC, however, evens out these discrepancies.

The GMC announcement means that all doctors on combined training programmes will qualify for a CCT if they have completed the minimum amount of time in training for their specialty.

Doctors who have completed their CESR CP can now apply for CCT to be granted retrospectively by the GMC.

So if you are a doctor from overseas and you wish to apply for a Consultant post here in the UK, you are required to have CCT, CESR CP or CESR. In the past the CCT was viewed as superior, now, however, equal merit is placed on all three training routes.

Speaking about the news, the GMC said they acknowledge that the CCT can be viewed as a more flexible qualification outside the UK, but stated they are sure there is an equal value between a CESR-CP and a CCT.

The GMC added, doctors on the combined programme who have not completed the required UK training time along with doctors who gained their CESR-CP by alternative routes will now be equally recognised professionally in the UK.

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