Holding Gloved Hands

19 Jun 2020

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Care of the elderly is one of the most complex and vast types of care out there. If you are nursing within older person’s care, or general adult care, community, you will no doubt understand the complexities involved. From challenging conversations to supporting healthy ageing, falls education, mental health awareness, and so much more.

So many areas of nursing involve caring for older people. Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit this group of individuals more than any other group.

A privilege to care for the aged

Nursing older people is a privilege. They gave so much to construct our society, and they went without to raise their children. Many gave up so much just so that our generation would not go without. Now it is their turn to feel cared for, appreciated and thanked.

Nursing the elderly during Covid-19 

Never has the value of our aged been so poignant. Grandchildren all over the world were missing their Granny and Grandad due to Coronavirus restrictions.

As nurses, you will have seen the reality of COVID-19 for too many older people. You know what it is to stand at their bedside, holding their hands when the end comes. Due to the callous nature of COVID, those hands needed to be gloved, at a time when human touch was so necessary, so wanted, but not possible for infection control reasons.

Elderly give so much

Older people have so much wisdom and life experience, but does our modern society value them enough? This is a broader debate, but perhaps Covid-19 highlighted the importance of Granny’s hug, Granddad’s tap of approval on the head and their words of advice when we find ourselves lost.

As lockdown eases, we hope once again to enjoy our older relatives and never to take for granted time spent with them, for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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