New Health and Care Visa launched in the UK

10 Aug 2020

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Not only will the new visa make UK entry more straightforward, but also more cost-effective and faster. So, if you are a medical or healthcare professional planning to come overseas to work in the NHS, this visa will be of benefit to you. We can fully support you and have a range of flexible roles available throughout the UK.

Why change the visa routes now?

The announcement to issue this visa in August 2020, is a welcomed commitment from the UK government. The new visa will replace the Tier 2 Visa.

The new entry routes into the UK healthcare workforce comes off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic demonstrated the real pressure faced by the NHS to maintain services during these challenging times. Overseas professionals showed a commitment to the UK and saved many lives, not only during COVID but daily in our hospitals. Therefore, the new visa makes it easier and quicker for an international healthcare professional to work in the UK.

The underpinning concept behind the visa is to encourage the best global healthcare talent to come work in the NHS quickly and more affordable than previously.

Who can apply for the Health and Care Visa?

The visa is open to all overseas medical and healthcare professionals with a valid UK sponsor or NHS job offer.

The new visa comes with a reduced application fee, and applicants will receive a decision on their ability to work in the UK within three weeks. The introduction of the visa shows the UK’s appreciation for all the overseas healthcare professionals who work tirelessly in the NHS, making vital contributions daily.

How do you to apply for the UK Health and Care Visa?

Available from August 4, 2020, the visa is open to all to apply if you have an NHS job offer or sponsor.

The application process involves:

Upload your relevant documents – such as

  1. CoS reference number (you will get this from your NHS job offer/sponsor)
  2. Proof of English language skills
  3. A valid passport
  4. Criminal record certificate
  5. Personal bank statements proving you can support yourself until you are paid in the UK
  6. TB test (if you are coming from a country with high TB incidence)
  7. Any other documents deemed relevant- Our dedicated recruitment consultants can help you with the entire process.

Pay the required fee

Wait only three weeks (previously on Tier 2 the wait was approximately 8 and 20 weeks), and your visa will be issued, depending on your individual application

 What to do next?

If you are an international healthcare professional who would like to come to the UK to work, we will support you and secure an exciting opportunity within the NHS, call us today for a hassle-free journey.

















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