ProMedical awarded the new Workforce Alliance Framework

19 Nov 2020 Anne Marie Fogarty

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We at ProMedical are proud to announce we have been awarded The Workforce Alliance – Clinical and Healthcare Staffing Framework.

What is the Workforce Alliance?

The Workforce Alliance Framework is an amalgamation of the previous individual agreements, as follows:

1. NHS London Procurement Partnership

2. NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

3. NHS East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub

4. NHS Commercial Solutions

5. The Minister for the Cabinet Office represented by its executive agency the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

The collaboration of the five organisations is aimed at ensuring customers have access to sustainable healthcare workforce solutions which delivers quality and cost-effective value to the NHS.

Contract Description

We have been awarded the following lots under this tender for the supply of agency staff:

Lot 1 Nursing & Midwifery Staff

Lot 2 Medical Locums

Lot 3 Allied Health Professionals & Health Scientists

Lot 4 Emergency Services

Lot 5 Social Care

We are proud to have sustained our framework status for the last 13 years.

How does the Workforce Alliance support customers?

The framework enables NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers to procure healthcare staff through a  price and quality compliant healthcare staffing organisation, creating a streamlined process.

How does ProMedical support clients?

We safeguard the integrity of quality and price through robust operational processes, innovative technology and by attracting the very best of people who support the ProMedical mission and bring our vision to life.

Hundreds of NHS Trusts place their trust in ProMedical to attract and onboard thousands of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals each year. Our organisation is aligned with the NHS Long Term and NHS People Plan to ensure a fit for purpose and
sustainable strategy supporting our customers overarching goals.

Through effective processes and smart technology we enable our customers to focus on delivering critical patient care, whilst we attract, screen, onboard and manage the logistics of thousands of shifts each week in hundreds of NHS Trusts across the UK seamlessly. We are proactive and innovative in our workforce solutions-always seeking out alternative and improved staffing solutions to maintain current standards and customer satisfaction—the fact we are framework-approved showcases our ability to comply with all legislative requirements while delivering cost-effective value to the NHS at scale.

What does this mean for our dedicated healthcare professionals?

As a framework approved healthcare recruitment organisation, we offer candidates a multitude of roles to choose from, both
temporary and permanent across the UK.


Head of Quality and Compliance – Kayleigh Forrow


Kayleigh, our experienced and passionate head of Quality and Compliance, looks after all the onboarding of healthcare professionals, ensuring adherence to the NHS Employers, Framework and regulatory compliance and relieving you from the burden of administration so you can focus on delivering care. Kayleigh is fuelled by a passion for delivering only the highest quality skilled healthcare professionals who are compliant in all areas of their discipline.

Kayleigh and our dedicated onboarding and compliance team provide support with robust onboarding, aftercare, training needs, seamless revalidation, appraisals, and any other requirements along the trajectory of candidate experience. Kayleigh has an acute
passion for supporting candidates to provide a critical service in healthcare in the UK.

For us, being a recognised and appointed framework organisation means we are able to ensure the best roles for our candidates to meet their individual requirements. We cannot emphasize enough the value we place on quality service and ultimately, patient care. It is at the end of the day all about the best practice we can all shape to deliver for safe, effective patient care.

You might well ask, why ProMedical?

Well, we are about people, about putting people first and to achieve that there must be standards to be reached and upheld, processes to go through and quality to safeguard. We can deliver that by achieving best practice within our industry, by working
within a framework approved by the government, and by structuring our entire business concept around patient care by putting people first.

Our CEO, Altin Biba says:

We are thrilled to be awarded the newly launched Workforce Alliance, this being a testament to the critical role the ProMedical people continue to play in providing sustainable healthcare staffing solutions to the NHS.

Our country continues to go through an unprecedented time in our lives, during the first wave of Covid-19 we stood shoulder to shoulder with the NHS and enabled our customers to deliver critical patient care in 269 hospitals across the UK. Now, as we
enter another phase of a national challenge, ProMedical is proud to stand by our customers and are ready to deliver crucial patient care in partnership with the NHS.

We look forward to continuing our work with the NHS and Workforce Alliance team over the next four years as we continue to support the NHS Long Term and People Plan.

What is our service proposition?

We share with our customers a genuine passion and believe in quality patient care that is effective and in line with best practice. The importance of the human touch cannot be underestimated. Our people-first approach combined with impeccable service delivery and smart technology is our shared value with clients and healthcare professionals. It is through a trusted and robust support structure that we continue to solve a national staffing problem through a clear mission, supported by strong operations and processes, complimented by enabling technology and the very best talent (our people) underpinning ProMedical.

Because we genuinely care, we ensure our candidates are supported throughout their career cycle and ambitions, with training requirements to be the best version they can be, revalidation, appraisals, and all critical compliance issues. We see the bigger picture – the end goal being patient care. We know you want to get on with caring for your patients, enhancing your career and following your professional development pathway, we safeguard quality and compliance with a fast and effective turnaround.

Register today with a framework-approved staffing organisation that puts you in the driving seat.

Key Contract Points

The overview of the framework contract is as follows:

  • LPP Ref  RM6161
  • The start date is 13-11-20
  • The end date is 12-10-23
  • Contract Type Framework (Call off)
  • Initial period – 3 years
  • Extensions remaining- 1 year


Workforce Alliance | NHS Commercial Solutions.

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