Ten UK Medical Influencers You Need to Follow

15 May 2020

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The term “social media influencer” usually makes us think of teenagers earning large sums of money from their bedrooms, talking into a camera or performing dance routines on Tik Tok. But what happens when this world collides with the medical industry? Yes, there are a whole host of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who not only use social media for their own enjoyment, but who have garnered a large following to boot. 

Perhaps this is no surprise. Many healthcare professionals choose a career that involves working with the public precisely because they love interacting with people. Starting up an Instagram, Twitter or Youtube account means that this sense of community is further amplified, and the potential to connect with people is almost endless. So too are the opportunities for sharing a personal or career journey with a much wider audience. 

But with so many accounts out there, who should we be following? Who is providing the best content in the world of UK medical influencers? We’ve rounded up some of our favourites into a Top 10 list for you to check out…


  1. Nurse Claire Carmichael / @c_carmichael83

Claire is a recently qualified GP Nurse. As well as being active on her Instagram account, she runs a Youtube channel and personal blog which can be found at www.diaryofanurse.co.uk. We love her positive attitude and the time she dedicates to championing the NHS. Her Youtube channel has charted her journey to becoming a qualified nurse and she’s continued to provide tips and insight, including how best to help patients and advice on home visits. 


  1. Dr John Ndikum / @jndikum (YouTube)

Dr Ndikum is an established Physician who has studied both in London and at Yale. His impressive CV includes experience in general medicine, public health and clinical trials, and more recently he has returned to the NHS to help in the efforts against COVID-19. Dr Ndikum has wide-ranging interests outside of the medical field, too: he is an aspiring entrepreneur and has published a poetry anthology titled “Musings of a Medicine Man.” We recommend a visit to his Youtube channel, linked above, to watch his informative video series “COVID for the Confused.” ProMedical is extremely fortunate to count Dr Ndikum among the locum doctors registered with us. 


  1. Nurse Eloise / @thenursinglifeofeloise

Eloise is a Paediatric Nurse within the NHS, based in Bristol. Her Instagram account has detailed with frank honesty her feelings on going to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also runs a blog with insights and musings from her nursing career as a whole. Her thoughtful entries include an open letter to all the teenagers she has looked after as a nurse, and tips on how to love a nurse. As a pet-friendly company, we also enjoy the frequent Instagram pictures of her Labrador puppy, Maggie. You can follow Maggie, too, as she has her own Instagram account @maggiethegoldennugget! 


  1. Dr Jacyntha / @doctor.jacyntha

Dr Jacyntha is an NHS Anaesthetic and ICU doctor. In recent weeks, her Instagram account has provided useful information such as a breakdown of the COVID alert levels and the Government’s latest strategy. Alongside this, we’re given an insight into her daily life as a doctor, with pictures and advice from her first night shift. She’s also written an opinion piece for the news, sharing her admiration for nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re interested to hear more from Dr Jacyntha and follow her career!


  1. Nurse Grace Barry / @Grace Barry (YouTube)

Grace is a Paediatric Nurse originally from the UK but currently living in Melbourne, Australia! We’re loving seeing the differences between the two countries through her videos on Youtube. The vlogs range from “Day in the Life” formats – both at home and on shift – to vegan meals and Q+As. If you want to learn more about training to be a nurse or what life is like as a nurse in the UK and abroad, Grace is the one to watch.

  1. Dr Sarah Nicholls / @drsarahnicholls 

Dr Sarah is a junior doctor working in the Emergency Department. She has recently returned to the NHS after three months travelling, but is now supporting colleagues through the pandemic. Her Youtube videos have tracked her journey as a doctor since 2017, so there’s a wealth of information to be found there, as well as on Instagram. We’d also recommend her highly informative video series which includes her thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as what has changed in her department since the outbreak. 


  1. Student Nurse Amy May /@studentnurse_amzss

Amy is a student Adult Nurse at Bournemouth University, currently working as a Bank HCA for the NHS. Amy’s Instagram account tracks her progress in training to become a nurse, as well as her experiences working for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s also recently shared her insights through a blog post for her University’s website. Her enthusiasm and dedication for the job shines through, so we wish her all the best with her future career! 


  1. Dr Anita Mitra / @gynaegeek

Dr Mitra, the Gynae Geek, is a London-based doctor working in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Her goal is to empower and educate women about gynaecological issues, and you can read all about it through her website gynaegeek.com, Instagram and her book “Your No-Nonsense Guide to Down-There”. Understandably, her life as a doctor has been impacted by COVID-19, with fewer patients due to social distancing measures. Through her blog and Instagram posts, though, we can still follow her day-to-day life on shift. If you love to read long Instagram captions packed with useful and informative content, you’ll need to follow The Gynae Geek! 


  1. Nurse Louise / @themummymiller

Louise is a Nurse from Surrey, currently working in Intensive Care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her Instagram account is populated with pictures of her family alongside her life in scrubs, which reminds us of the human stories behind those working on the NHS frontline. Louise has worked long shifts wearing PPE and has followed patient journeys both from those who were very ill to those being discharged from hospital. You can follow along on her Instagram, website and Youtube channel. We love her frank honesty and her positive attitude, as well as the updates involving her two beautiful sons. 


1.Dr Ranj Singh / @drranj

Need we say any more? We’re sure you’ve already heard of Dr Ranj in his role as TV presenter and author, but he certainly deserves his place on this list as one of our favourite celebrity doctors! What you may not know is that Dr Ranj has stepped away from his TV work in order to better support his NHS colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic. His full focus has returned to his role as a Paediatric emergency medicine specialist. Whilst we might not see him on our TV screens as much, we can still follow Dr Ranj on his Instagram account which boasts over 250k and is packed with content, including videos. He has also set up a Tik Tok account, so if you’re needing a fix of TV’s beloved doctor, head over there now! 

We’d like to take a moment to thank not just these ten superstars, but all of our healthcare professionals working on the front lines at the current time. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude and our thoughts are with you. 

Is there someone missing from our list that you think we should be following? Get in touch at Marketing@promedical.co.uk and we’ll investigate your suggestions, show them our support and reach out to them for a dedicated blog post! 

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