The Admiral Nurse

19 Jun 2020

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With Alzheimer’s Day just around the corner (June 13), and this week being Carer’s Week, we thought it apt to shine a light on a speciality of nursing that does not see the limelight too often.

If you are an Admiral Nurse, you will be supporting many older clients in the community who live dementia, their families, and their carers.

Dementia, as we all understand, is a devastating and heartbreaking illness. Many of Covid-19 victims had dementia. The condition robs the person of their memories and essentially often their identity.

What is the role of the admiral nurse?

Admiral nurses are placed in a vital position where they can help the patient and the carer to reach their full potential and enjoy their lives. They specialise in the management of families affected by dementia. A component of the admiral’s role is to assess the needs of each case individually and holistically. Once the needs assessment is complete, a plan of care is devised and delivered with the client and their families at the core. Several therapies are available, including talk therapies, direct clinical support, and much more.

Where do admiral nurses work? What qualifications are required?

Admiral nurses work within a range of settings from Band 5 to Band 8B. Experience in dementia care and postgraduate dementia training is essential. For more support and information visit-

Care for you too!

Older persons/gerontology nursing and Dementia Nurses or admiral nurses work in areas where mental stress is part of their daily working lives, so it is crucial to self-care and remember to relax when you can.


For a wide range of roles, including older person’s care- register with us, to care tomorrow.

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