Tips and Advice: The Locum Life

26 Jul 2020

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This article explores some key points to remember when starting as a locum. We look at the ways you can be prepared and ready for the exciting role of locum doctors in the UK.

Top Tips – Are you new to locum life? Here are some tips that will help.

  1. It is paramount that you gather as much information about a job before accepting it. Know the ins and outs of the role. Ask yourself, is this the hospital for me?
  2. Sometimes locum job descriptions can be vague, so don’t hesitate to ask questions to clarify the precise role. As a locum, you will have significant exposure to different areas, which is an asset on your CV.
  3. Put it in writing! Write down any areas that cause you concern. For example, if you have never worked in ICU, then say so, if you have never delivered a baby, say so. Avoid any situation outside of your scope of practice that is unsafe for you to carry out. Safely, do try to get competent in that area where possible.
  4. Be real about your expectations. We have all wandered into roles that started one way that quickly swerved in the opposite direction. Both parties need to manage expectations from the start.
  5. Make sure you don’t burn-out, some trusts may ask you to work more shifts. Remember, you can always say no.
  6. Make and maintain good working relationships as you go. Locum working is an ideal way to expand your contacts and network.


More than ever before the NHS needs locum doctors. Demand for locums is increasing, and hospitals say they benefit the trust greatly by bringing different skills and experiences.

Locum work allows you to travel while you fund seeing the world. It also gives you an insight into various specialties. Being aware of these advantages from the start will help you gain much more than the high pay rates from your new career as a locum.

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