Top Ten Tech Innovations Transforming Healthcare Today

29 Aug 2020

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We looked at the market and now can bring you the top ten innovative technological works of art streamlining healthcare.

Read on to discover the leading players today that will change your working practices in the future.

What are the Top Ten Tech innovations that nurses and doctors are using?

  1. Fit Bit and other health wearables – The fitness tracker wrist band is tracking every step you take, your heartbeat, and your sleep pattern. This is a great incentive to keep fit, active and on top of your recommended 10,000 steps per day. It also shows up how and when you sleep, indicating if you are getting enough of the right type of deep sleep.
  2. Voice search – Voice assistants, like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, are helping people speed up their day, by asking the device questions to assist them in getting on their way.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printing are currently assisting doctors in everything from diagnostics to surgeries.
  4. IoMT – Internet of Medical Things – Digitalisation in hospitals is one way to make hospitals more efficient, provide the staff with the relevant patient data more quickly and so accelerate medical processes.
  5. Smartwatches- Lots of people have them, and they are beneficial containing so much data, apps, and you can even make calls, text on the move from them. The watch that tells time is fading fast!
  6. Smartphones- Including Apple iPhones, in 2018, Apple hit the headlines with its ground-breaking Apple Series 4 Watch that has an integrated ECG to monitor the wearer’s heart rhythms. This technology, which can detect potentially dangerous heart conditions much earlier than usual shocked customers.
  7. Telehealth – In a world driven by technology, it is thought 60% of people prefer digitally-led services. It’s allowing patients to receive their care through their digital devices instead of waiting for in-person doctor appointments. With oversubscribed services, telehealth gives patients different access points to healthcare when and where they need it.
  8. Robotics- ranging from robot companions through to surgical robots – These devices can support paralysed people to mobilise, help rehabilitate patients after a stroke, and act as social companions for older people living alone. They can even help treat mental health illness. JiboPepperParo and Buddy robots are all existing examples. Some of them also have touch sensors, cameras, and microphones. Thus, their owners can get into conversations with them, ask them to find an event or remind them about their medications. 1
  9. Mini Voice Recorder with USB- healthcare professionals have so much to retain; this gadget is perfect for noting all these reminders.
  10. Wacom Intuos Pen- Our personal favourite! Every nurse knows it is virtually impossible to keep your pen on a shift; it always seems to get lost, borrowed, or run out of ink at the most vital of times. This tablet pen offers long-lasting power; it is small, comfortable to hold and an ideal pen for purpose. 


    There is absolutely no doubt technology, and innovations are constantly evolving. They benefit healthcare by making it more accessible and readily available faster than conventional care. Virtual appointments are made for patients that may otherwise not be able to get to healthcare centres. Gadgets we wear act as a constant reminder of our need for more steps, exercise, and act as a trigger to support our health as healthcare professionals.

    Grab your gadget and register today to talk to our dedicated agents about a career in healthcare where you’ll put your tech to good use!





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