World Humanitarian Day

19 Aug 2020

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World Humanitarian Day was first established by the United Nations in 2009 and is an annual celebration held every August to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives to help others in need. The day was designed in memory of the  August 19, 2003 bombing in Iraq, which killed 22 people. 

Real-Life Heroes

This year aptly honours our heroes- ordinary people doing extraordinary kind acts. #RealLifeHeroes humanitarians and frontline workers will be the theme for the 2020 World Humanitarian Day. Humanitarians who help individuals and communities affected by crises are celebrated on August 19. Those humanitarians are heroes, fighting the latest crisis -COVID-19.

World Humanitarian Day celebrates all unsung heroes; aid workers who spend their lives helping victims of war-torn villages, risking their safety in conflict zones and helping virtual strangers for the sake of doing good. These brave, selfless people do not often receive due recognition, and so days such as this one, help to understand better what they do, and why they do it.

What does it take to be a humanitarian/hero?

We don’t need to go too far to meet heroes. Our very own heroes have shone brightly over the last few months fighting COVID-19 and protecting us all. Real-Life Heroes are doctors, nurses, hospital cleaners, kind neighbours, and many others but the essential requirement is kindness, and a strong will to help those in danger or less well off. Our frontline workers have certainly qualified as heroes, having stood bravely as soldiers of war during the current pandemic. Protecting and supporting the UK population and worldwide.

This celebratory day highlights the awareness of many more humanitarian workers. As an occupation, humanitarian aid worker is not a popular choice for many, and so a shortage exists. There are millions of individuals in need worldwide, but unfortunately, not many aid workers. Hopefully, awareness campaigns like this day will shine a light on both the need for more humanitarian workers and also an appreciation for the wonderful heroes we currently have.

The campaign for World Humanitarian Day focuses on what drives people to help others despite risk, danger, and insecurity linked to COVID-19. These brave warriors work as humanitarian aid workers in poor conditions often in underdeveloped countries to fight the pandemic.

While here in the UK, our heroes also work tirelessly to give to others, to fight the crisis, and to support less fortunate people. Why do they do it? What drives them to do it? Simply put, we believe it is a strong desire to make this world a better place.

Inspiring heroes are everywhere, just look around and you’ll see helpers all around. Stories about doctors or laypeople who spend years volunteering, setting up medical care facilities, and working in poor conditions internationally to support those in need.


We salute our many nurses and doctors along with all the NHS workers and private healthcare workers who continue to fight for justice, safety and the welfare of others.

ProMedical thanks all the workers who tirelessly risk their lives to save others. Our nurses, doctors, and all healthcare workers- we salute you!

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