Recycling Policy

1. As a business, we are committed to providing a high level of good environmental policies throughout our company. We intend to continue to minimise the production of waste where possible and ensure that we are purchasing recyclable materials to use throughout the business.

2. All staff are expected to abide by the companies recycling policy and ensure where possible that all materials are placed in the recycling bins provided in the lunch areas and not in the general bins. We encourage all employees to be more aware of the environment and to be considerate of waste management.

Our Aims

• Create a work ethic with a high level of awareness of waste management, waste minimisation and a desire to recycle and reuse materials where possible.

• Be considerate with the use of materials in particular paper and monitoring what needs to be printed and ensuring it is in black and white.

• Encourage purchasing of materials used with recycled/reclaimed materials and those that are suitable for recycling after use.

• Use suppliers who work according to good environmental principles.

• Encourage waste management by introducing a recycling station in the lunch area.

• Provide information to employees regarding recycling so they are better informed.


Date Reviewed: January 2020