2021 – A Look Back

1 Jan 2022 Anne Marie Fogarty

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2021, what a year! There is no doubt that Covid-19 dominated the year in healthcare, social and global news. The pandemic, which began in late 2019 in Wuhan, remained a force this past year.


Our healthcare workers exhausted, our services stretched to capacity, our will tested – but we continue as a people, as a society to fight Covid and all its’ variants. We continue to look forward, be positive and see some return to normality.

As a healthcare flexible workforce solutions organisation, we continue to support our NHS with quality healthcare workers who care beyond belief. And although 2021 was one of the most challenging years our world has faced, our country has endured, and our business has survived, we are super proud to look back at so many positives that Covid did not spoil, both across the UK and in our organisation.


Here’s a look at just some of the innovations from 2021 at ProMedical

  • We became Great Place to Work-Certified™ and UK’s Best Workplaces for Women 2021
  • We collaborated with many healthcare organisations, subject matter experts, industry leaders, and wonderfully insightful healthcare charities, merging our experience, passions and opinions. Together striving for solutions to current healthcare issues.
  • Our innovative new website grew with thought leadership and engaging content. Content that focused on the real issues faced by healthcare leaders and workers across the UK.
  • We moved to our bright new office in Brentwood. Our spacious new office was planned with our vision and mission in mind. A people-first flexible workforce solution organisation that puts people central to all we do.
  • Bringing ProMedical through a Pandemic – excellent leadership and teamwork supporting each other led us through one of the worst healthcare emergencies of our time.
  • We adjusted to the new work-life that Covid imposed on us all. Having to swiftly move to remote working arrangements and all the logistics involved was a struggle. Still, as a team of people who are always customer-focused, we adapted our offerings to suit the demands of our people and our valued customers.

There were many trials and challenges in 2021, not alone Covid-19. Our dedicated healthcare workers have done themselves proud. They battled and continue to fight a sometimes uphill struggle against the pandemic. As new variants arrive, to pressurise an already stretched workforce, their resilience and grit is a unique tribute to them all.

Not all bad news…

Covid aside, 2021 did see some significant health breakthroughs such as:

While Covid created panic and all the resources available rushed to battle it, genius scientists and health researchers still led us to the above revelations, which all happened in 2021.

Looking back at Lockdown

Lockdowns and restrictions will undoubtedly have a price to pay on our mental health in months and years to come, but they were necessary to protect the more vulnerable in our society. Even though none of us would want another year like 2021, the lockdowns and restrictions did allow us family time at home, more interest in simple things like daily walks, which, let’s face it became our highlight for the day, we were brought to appreciate nature and simplicity in our hurried world again, we were somehow allowed to stop and breathe, and it seems it’s got us talking more than ever about mental health, wellbeing, flexible working, better work-life balance, climate change, and more. So maybe there were some positives to be salvaged from what was undoubtedly a challenging year!

2021 was a difficult year, but as a solution-focused organisation, we are ready to greet 2022 with our passionate people-first approach.

So goodbye 2021 and hello 2022!





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