Catch those Zs to improve your health

26 Jan 2021

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As many of us must stay home to stay safe, it can be challenging to get a good night’s sleep during lockdown.

Our natural routine might involve outside activities and exercise that tires us out, but now, those days are ‘on hold’, so if we are not tired, we cannot sleep. No problem, right? Well, that’s wrong because sleep is an absolute necessity for mental and physical wellbeing.

Sleep has many benefits and we want to help all our candidates and clients get a better night’s sleep! So, we compiled a list of the top 5 tips to help you sleep and the reasons you need rest.

Why is sleep so important?

Research shows that we spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping. Given that we spend such a considerable amount of time asleep, our sleep must be of good quality.

Sleep is often the underestimated essential tool for healthy living. We need to sleep for the body to repair itself after an active day.

Top 5 Tips to help you drift off.

At ProMedical, we advocate a healthy lifestyle, and we know sleep is a vital ingredient in maintaining a good quality of life and a healthy mind and body. So, we developed what we believe to be super tips to help you fall into the land of nod:

  • Start to unwind a few hours before bedtime-ok, we live busy lives, this is not always possible but even an hour before bed, try to relax and get your mind in sleep mode.
  • A lavender bubble bath and a warm cup of calamine tea will help relax you before heading off to sleep.
  • Yoga or any form of meditation just before bed helps unwind not only your mind but all your muscles too.
  • Try to be organised for the morning. This way you are not lying awake worrying will you be ready for that all-important meeting, what will you wear etc. being prepared will help organise your thinking and ultimately relax you.
  • Exercise and outdoor activities are paramount to feeling well in general and tire you out for a restful night. This is a challenge at present, but even if its jogging on-the-spot in the back garden, at least it is outside!

 What are the benefits of a good night’s sleep?

  • Increased concentration and productivity at work
  • Lower chance of weight gain – lack of sleep is associated with poor eating habits, craving carbs, and overeating.
  • Better overall mood– you are less likely to be irritable when you get enough sleep
  • Better general health– lower risks of heart disease and blood pressure. Getting enough sleep at night allows the body to repair itself and regulate blood pressure.
  • Overall, you will feel more active, energised, and ready to face the day if you sleep well.


It is integral for a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle that we sleep seven-plus hours nightly. Good quality sleep without interruption is essential for our physical and mental development and wellbeing. So off to bed nice and early tonight!!



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