Cupcake Day 2021-Alzheimer’s Disease

17 Jun 2021 Anne Marie Fogarty

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Dementia is a progressive disease that slowly takes the person’s independence and sense of self away. Dementia is an umbrella term for symptoms that can include memory loss and cognitive difficulties including problem-solving and language.

These changes are often small in the beginning but do get worse over time. A person with dementia can often experience mood and behaviour difficulties. All these behavioural changes put a strain on the person with Alzheimer’s but also the families and loved ones. Read more about dementia here.



What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia and the most common of all dementia types. Accounting for approximately half of all cases.

With Alzheimer’s disease, changes are gradual, and the illness may last several years.


  • brain cells
  • impact thoughts
  • emotional wellbeing
  • behaviour
  • memory
  • daily life functioning.
  • eventually, Alzheimer’s will interfere with the person’s independence and often their safety.

Alzheimer’s has most likely affected everyone in some way

Almost everybody has in some way been touched by Alzheimer’s disease.

I remember she looked at me and smiled confused looking as if she knew who I was, but at the same time, didn’t know me at all. That was my very first experience with Alzheimer’s. In a split second, a cocktail of emotions swamped over her; sadness -she couldn’t remember me clearly;  delighted to see me;  confusion and frustration all flooded her mind simultaneously. 

Alzheimer’s is a silent thief, slowly over time more parts of the person you love fade away as the confusion grows, and the memory gently dwindles. It is a sad disease but thanks to charities such as Alzheimer’s Society research into the causes and potential treatments can be undertaken.

Support is available for families and loved ones

Having a loved one go through Alzheimer’s for many years is heartbreaking for them and their family and friends. As you try to remember the person they once were, it can be difficult.

Support groups are a good way to share your experience. For families, talking about their loved ones is a great comforter. Remembering that they are still inside, their soul remains the same, their memory may be cloudy some days, but they are still the person we love.

We cannot think of a better way to illustrate Alzheimer’s effect than the following:

An elderly man visits his wife at the nursing home every single day at the same time. One day he is running late when asked by a friend, “why are you so worried you’ll miss one day?” The elderly man replied, “because I always visit my wife every day”. The friend looking confused asks, “ If she has Alzheimer’s, will she even know if you are there or not?”. “No, the elderly man answered, “she won’t know me at all. , but I still know her”.

Alzheimer’s may steal so much for so many, so it is paramount that more research goes into this illness in order for potential cure or treatments to be found.



Days like Cupcake Day are so important to raise much-needed funds in order to further understand this cruel disease. Through research, we can build a comprehension of the illness that has affected so many across the world. It is through research that we will hopefully one day develop a treatment or identify the causative factors and possibly find a cure for this unforgiving silent thief.

If you are a healthcare worker looking for a rewarding position in dementia care – Contact us today and speak with one of our dedicated consultants who can talk you through our many opportunities within this field.




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