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2 Jun 2021 Anne Marie Fogarty

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In a demanding but rewarding career as a locum doctor, time management is of the essence if you want to get the most out of your day.


We often overlook the time spent commuting to and from work. This time can be utilised to your advantage, energize yourself in the mornings with motivational music, or while your brain is fresh, why not grab a coffee and a podcast?

Alternatively, when you have finished work and are travelling home, your mind is entangled with the thoughts from the day so why not switch off? Use the commute as an opportunity to unwind with a good read or some mindfulness audios.

Whatever you fancy, making the most of the work commute is essential to maximize your time well. We looked into some of the more popular and beneficial ways to make the most of your travel time.

What to do on the work commute?

  • Continued Professional Development – As a medical professional, you will be constantly keeping up to date with professional development. This is an ideal time to soak up continuing professional development courses, webinars or articles. With so many virtual events and seminars on the go now more than ever, this is an ideal time to brush up on your CPD.
  • Podcasts – Stay in tune with what’s happening in your field of expertise via Podcasts. Here are some ideas to get you started:

2 Docs Talk on iTunes  – two medical doctors have the conversations they wish they could have with their patients but often lack the time for.

The #HCBiz Show! on iTunes – the hosts discuss technology, policy, administration, and psychology.

A weekly medical journal also publishes two podcasts, helping to keep you current and in the know- NEJM This Week and NEJM Interviews on iTunes. An audio summary of The New England Journal of Medicine RSS feed. It’s a quick synopsis of the latest development in the literature you can listen to.

  • Music – Crank up your favourite tunes and let the world go by.
  • Reading – Medical journals or for fun – Many doctors don’t get time to read between work, family and social commitments, but the commute can be a time to sit, relax and get lost in a world of wonder.
  • Adult Colouring- Yes, really that’s a thing! A great way to focus on the task at hand. Colouring books are widely available for adults and act as a good distraction from the world of grown-up problems.
  • Think while you travel– We live in a society where we are constantly rushing about but reflecting on your practice and personal life should not be underestimated. The commute can provide the ideal space for thinking back on the shift, reflecting on your practice.
  • Crosswords – These can be an escape from the responsibility of the day.
  • Mindfulness – We all need to find time to relax. Mindfulness apps can help us focus on the present, foregoing worries about what’s past or yet to come. Mental health and wellbeing are pivotal to our overall health – take this time to melt the worries away and release your tensions of the day. Apps such as Headspace, Calm, The Mindfulness App
  • Headspace – Perhaps the commute should simply provide the all-important headspace. Switch off, wind down and relax, for tomorrow is another day!


Whatever you enjoy doing or need to get done, using the commute time wisely will impact your entire time management structure for the day. In a world that never switches off, maybe the travel time is best spend where possible, doing just that – switching off!

If you are a healthcare professional looking for your next flexible workforce opportunity, contact us today where one of our dedicated consultants will be delighted to speak with you about your career path.


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