IR35 and Umbrellas – What it means for the flexible workforce

24 May 2021 Anne Marie Fogarty

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We recently had the opportunity to meet with (virtually, of course!!) the lovely Julia Kermode, Founder of Independent Work Ltd – IWORK

IWork brings together all the ways people work independently in the UK – from temporary agency workers to freelancers, contractors, self-employed or gig economy workers. Pre-pandemic, some 23% of the UK’s workforce were working independently, not in permanent employment. IWORK champion this way of working!

You may have heard the terms IR35 and Umbrella floating around recently. Kindly, expert Julia Kermode gave us insight into what IR35 means for the flexible workforce and explains the fog around umbrella companies.

In the first video, the lovely Julia Kermode gives us insight into what IR35 really means for the flexible workforce.

Moving swiftly on, what is an umbrella? There is a fog surrounding terms such as these across the workforce presently. In this second video, Julia explains what an Umbrella Company is and what it means for the flexible workforce.

Wrapping up our expert session with Julia Kermode, we asked what changes are on the horizon, and what potentially the future of flexible workforce looks like.


We just want to say a huge Thank You to Julia and all her team at IWORK for her valued insight and shared knowledge.

There are many ways to work in our world today – Full time, part-time, ad-hoc days, weekdays only, weekends only or a mixture of both, evenings or nights, whatever way suits your individual lifestyle, flexible workforce solutions gives you choice. We support both the NHS and private sector across the UK with staffing solutions that are making direct impact essentially providing safe and quality patient care.

If you are a healthcare worker and want to control your working life, balance the amount of time you spend at work with quality family time, then locum working is for you! The flexible workforce allows for balance, that sense of control and choice.

If you are interested in locum or flexible workforce solutions, why not contact our dedicated recruitment consultants today here. 

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