Social Media Kindness Day

9 Nov 2021 Anne Marie Fogarty

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Social media greatly influences peoples’ lives, yet, sadly, some use it for their entertainment by trolling others. They don’t recognize how badly their actions trolling others impacts those victims.


Any platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other, you can see a higher ratio of unfavourable comments in the means of freedom of speech. Is it necessary to make another person a victim of your abuse and call it freedom of speech? Having access to say whatever you want doesn’t mean hurting anyone.

Social Media Kindness Day’s purpose is to raise awareness among people on the 9th of November and promote the motto of #Bekind. Not just on this kindness day, but every other day should be considered as a kindness day. Is it too challenging to say nothing if you don’t have anything good to say? Is it too difficult for us not to speak harsh words about each other’s pictures? Is kindness too much to ask for?

How can we be kind on social media?

The purpose of social media was to connect people far away from their family and friends around 13 years ago. It’s fulfilling the purpose of serving people to connect and stay close. Nowadays, it’s been a great source of branding and earning money. We need to realize now that social media is not just for brand promotions, but it holds peoples’ emotions and feelings by influencing.

Do you feel good to know your body-shaming comment has made someone think about their body and has led them toward an inferior complex? Pay a compliment to other people, and if you can’t, at least don’t spread venom. It’s easy to boost confidence by just a single emoji for someone’s aspirations- there’s no need to troll them. We need to be empathetic towards strangers, celebrities, friends, everyone!

If someone’s sharing something personal, it’s a great feeling to know that you can build their self-love, self-promotion, and morale with your words, even if you are far away from that person. Everyone feels for themselves, but feeling kind to others is humanity, and we get a chance to be humane and kind to people every day, every hour, and every minute on social media.

Be Kind and Supportive

Sharing gratitude, patience, tolerance, humbleness, and support to other people is powerful. Please think before you comment; make it your key while using any social media platform. Stop being a keyboard warrior and attacking others on their looks, different perspectives, or a different lifestyle. Ask yourself why spread hate when you can spread love, kindness, and gratitude? If people take negative influence from your words, they might take positive too, so spread your positive intentions and be supportive of others; raise awareness for yourself and others by being kind on every social media platform.

We should understand that in this age of memes, trolling, and cyberbullying, we can execute a change by sharing kindness. #BeKind!

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