Top 8 we rate – Podcasts for Nurses

23 Feb 2022 Anne Marie Fogarty

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With content everywhere, we wanted to help you sieve through the clutter. Do you want an easy and user-friendly way to keep up to date with your profession’s news?


Podcasts are a great way to keep up on industry developments and something that’s so accessible when you’re on the move. Listen to them on the train, on the bus or in taxis, while on a break or out for a walk.

We know at ProMedical, that our wonderful nurse’s time off is precious, that’s why podcasts are a great way to keep in the know while on the go.

We looked around and found the eight great podcasts that we rate across the UK for you to check out.


Continulus Critical Care Nursing

This podcast accompanies the Critical Care Global Classroom – which are fortnightly lectures delivered by leading global experts in Critical Care Nursing. This podcast is a must for anyone interested in evidence-based best practice.

The Nursing Handover Podcast

The Nursing Handover Podcast is an excellent resource for any nurse. It’s a unique and funny listen, hosted by nurses discussing all things nursing. This podcast covers a wide range of exciting issues.

Nursing Standard Podcast

The popular weekly journal Nursing Standard now has a podcast that includes all of the information featured in their journal, so if you’re a listener rather than a reader, this one is for you.

A great podcast to keep you updated and informed with the latest industry news, research and professional advice, hosted by the editor of Nursing Standard, Flavia Munn, and Dr Richard Hatchett.

Mastering Nursing Podcast

Mastering Nursing Podcast hosted by Keith Carlson, who has significant experience working in the healthcare industry. This is an insightful listen for anyone with interest in the profession.

Nursing Matters

The Royal College of Nursing podcast is on twice weekly, with nursing news, topics of nursing interest, guest speakers, and all else nursing-related keeping you up to the minute on all things nursing.

Daily Nurse Podcast

This is a podcast made for nurses by fellow nurses. These podcasters know their stuff, keeping you updated with industry news and informed about issues nurses like to know about.

The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation podcast is a monthly offering and looks at the key issues affecting the future of health and healthcare in the UK. Key opinion leaders in health and health care are interviewed for their opinions on this podcast.

The King’s Fund podcast

The King’s Fund is an independent charity, and its podcast has experts from the King’s Fund, the NHS, and the healthcare industry, talking together about hot topics in health and healthcare in the UK.

So there it is our top eight podcasts across the UK for our nurses. Next time you hop on the tube, grab your phone and pick your podcast!

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