Top Shoes for Nurses and Healthcare Workers

5 Apr 2022 Anne Marie Fogarty

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Healthcare workers' shoes

The wonderful doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and everybody else working for this amazing NHS and private healthcare services for that matter, are busy on their feet, caring for their patients.


It’s not uncommon for healthcare workers to work 12 to 16-hour shifts at a time; spending much of their shifts on their feet, so proper footwear is essential.


A good pair of shoes can not only provide comfort and support, but they can also improve your mood and make your shift much more pleasant. Finding the right footwear, however, can be challenging.


To help make your search for the best footwear a little easier, here’s a look at the top 7 shoes for nurses and healthcare workers for 2022.


Sketchers GOwalk 5

The Sketchers GOwalk range of shoes has proved to be incredibly popular over the years, and the GOwalk 5 might very well be the most popular incarnation to date.

These shoes are ideal for nurses and healthcare workers as they’re easy to slip on, they feature a breathable mesh-like fabric, they’re athletic, they provide comfort and support, they give a patented lightweight ULTRA GO cushioned midsole, high-rebound Comfort Pillar Technology, Air-Cooled Goga Mat insole, and other cool-sounding features designed to offer maximum levels of support.

Available in various colours and sizes, these shoes look great and feel even better.


HKR Women’s Trainers Athletic Running Shoe

Up next, we have these women’s trainers from HKR.

These athletic running shoes are also ideal for walking, making them great for working long shifts where you’re going to be on your feet a lot.

With a simple traditional lace-up design, throwing these shoes on and off quickly is not a problem. The sock liner utilises moisture-wicking technology to help keep the feet cool and sweat-free.

The midsole offers heaps of cushioning and support, whereas the outsole is made from rubber and provides a grippy texture for optimal traction.


Clarks Funny Dream

When you need a comfortable pair of shoes, it doesn’t matter whether they’re for school, the gym, P.E, or working a 14-hour shift on the ward at your local hospital, you can always count on Clarks.

These shoes are old school, they won’t win any beauty contests, but in terms of comfort and wearability, you’ll struggle to find any better.

With an old school design that screams the 1990s, these shoes from Clarks have received a makeover for the 21st century, making them ideal for working long hours on your feet.

With a curvy wedged sole, a simple black finish, and a basic lace-up design, these shoes provide everything you could want from a pair of comfortable shoes.


Sketchers Relaxed Fit

If the Sketchers GOwalk are a little too sporty for you, how about going with something a little more basic in the form of a pair of Sketchers Relaxed Fit shoes?

These shoes come in a more formal leather finish and are designed with a memory foam insole so your feet won’t feel like they’re on fire as you walk up and down the corridors of your hospital for the 100th time in one night.

These shoes come in a simple slip-on loafer design, they’re very light in weight, and they’re easy to clean and maintain as well.


HKR Women’s Memory Foam Trainers

Another offering from HKR we have these memory foam trainers.

These slip-on working shoes are available in a selection of funky and vibrant colours; they have rubber textures soles for extra grip. They’re made from a breathable and stretchy mesh fabric to offer a sock-like fit, and they’re designed to help reduce heel pain and discomfort.

These trainers are great for nurses working long hours; they’re also ideal for walking, travelling, and working out.


JCBB Air Cushioned Slip-On Walking Shoe

The penultimate entry we have for you today comes from a brand known as JCBB.

These slip-ons are lightweight and comfortable. They look very similar to the stylish Sketchers GOwalks. They offer a non-slip sole with arch support and breathable mesh fabric. They’re available in several different colours.

Okay, perhaps these aren’t as efficient as the Sketchers, but if you are on a budget, these shoes work very well and will provide a lot of comfort and support before they begin to decline.


Clarks Unloop

Finally, we have another offering from Clarks, but this time we have something extra-special for all of you nurses and healthcare workers out there.

These shoes are great for nurses and healthcare professionals here in the U.K. So great, in fact, that they were voted the best shoe for U.K. healthcare professionals.

These leather slip-ons have a more professional and formal appearance, yet they have a lightweight sole and underfoot cushioning with arch support.

Despite being very hardwearing and durable, the leather is also breathable, keeping your feet cool and hygienic while you work. To slip the shoes off, just unloop them from the button, and vice versa when you do them up. Simple.


Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfy and durable as you’ll be on your feet a lot.

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