Top 10 NHS Nurses Nationalities Across the UK

27 Apr 2017

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NHS Digital report has revealed a number of interesting facts about the NHS workforce. Below is the breakdown of NHS Nurses Nationalities.

84% of nurses & health visitors in hospital and community health services (HCHS) are British.

7% (22,081) of nurses report an EU nationality other than British. Of these, 58% are either Irish, Spanish or Portuguese.

6% (16,727) of nurses report an Asian nationality. Of these, 90% are either Philippine or Indian.

There are 7,004 nurses with an African nationality.

The highest ‘Other’ nationality is Jamaican, with 469.



These figures vary more between regions than those for doctors, as the chart below shows. In the North East, British nurses make up 96% of the total. In North West London, this figure is 66%.

The proportion of nurses from other EU countries varies from 1% (North East) to 15% (South London). One-third of nurses from other EU countries work in London.










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